Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spenard Spring Social 2006: the after-show report

Well, if you weren't at Fiori Di'Italia on Saturday night, you missed out on the show of the year. Sorry to say, you suck. For the third year, I had the honor of being the master of ceremonies. To quote myself :
"Not to exaggerate too much, tonight will be the most amazing night of entertainment and song you have ever seen or will ever see in your lifetime.

All of tonight’s entertainment has been scientifically formulated to whip you to a frenzy of euphoria, hopefully leaving you spent and disoriented at the end of the night, but without the neck strain and overwhelming regret of, lets say a, Megadeath concert."
Truer words haven't been spoken. well by me. I've been the last five or six years and this was the tightest show yet. There were eight acts playing 15 minute sets. The highlights were:

Jacob Carpenter
, who was blasted out a set playing the guitar and drums at the same time while singing and bantering the with audience.

"Coctail" Woodrow with Jared Woods and Mike Holtz. Woodrow are a universal constant. If one of the three members of Woodrow are not playing on a stage at any moment in time, the earth will be thrown off its orbit and careen into the sun. Luckily for everyone they were playing at the Spenard Social, in addition to also playing simultaneous sets at Humpies, Snow Goose and the Salty Dog in Homer, just to be on the safe side.

VivaVoom Brr-Lesque feat. Lola Pistola and the Band-o-lears who brought a full band and three of the girls from the show, Reva Lucion, Stawberry Stems, and Lala Lamour. Needless to say it was a blowout. They are going to have their next full show May 6th at the Snow Goose. I talked to Lola Pistola between sets and it will be monumentious. With just the mini-show, people were hooting and hollering, and eventually half the crowd was up on the dancefloor shaking it with the girls.

The Expiriments feat. Duke Russell. Duke got in moments before show time from Cantwell after working on Sean Penn's latest Movie, "Into the Wild." The only thing I can say about the band was that they had three rattles, bongos, electric guiar, a couple sets of drums and a didgeridoo all working it at once.

Prince Albert and the Fireweed Stampede. I just love the name. Authentic Alaskan Reggae. They asked me to say something about them. I think I said that they can cure cancer, play at Center Bowl and PJs weekly and kids love them. I don't know how much of that his true, but if I had to guess, it would be 2 out of 3.

Also, the show did have a spotlight on loan from PJs, I think just to keep our Spenard Roots.

So again, if you weren't there, you suck. Be there next year.

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