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Monday, February 20, 2006

Best of YSL #21, Week of February 20, 2006. SeePixelstrips for the new comics. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

Best of YSL #20, Week of February 13, 2006.

See Pixelstrips for the new stripsPosted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Best of YSL #19 - Week of February 7, 2006

See Pixelstrips for the new stripsPosted by Picasa

UAA Northern Light (everyone's getting into the act)

Here is another review of the show, this time from the university of Alaska's Northern Light.

First Friday Show Offers Eclectic Mix of Artwork

Here are some pearls of wisdom from the article . . . .
  • "Post's recommendations for nascent art stars is 'Just get started and do it. Make a commitment to deadlines, and keep your deadlines.'"
  • It goes on to say, " His success exemplifies a second maxim: the importance of hard work."
  • and lastly, Post and the Gees [from Side Street Espresso] shared a commitment to a third rule: Don't do it for the money or fame. Do it for love."
Its actually a good article that talks about what it takes to be a successful artist in the local gallery/coffee shop scene, namely put on a good show and don't just do a big money grab with a crappy show. It would seem obvious, but . . .

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rob and Carolyn (from Noble's) and Lee at the opening reception Posted by Picasa

Fans crowding around, looking at the artwork Posted by Picasa

Fans appriciating the artwork (and my mom in the foreground) Posted by Picasa

Mike Gorder with one of the new pictures Posted by Picasa

Nice BoobLees! Posted by Picasa

Jay and Buddy standing next to their cartoon (Jay's shirt says "Lee, you little devil")Posted by Picasa

Orrin and my Press Cover Posted by Picasa

Photos from the Show Posted by Picasa

The Noble's report

The reception for the Noble's Show was yesterday and it was an unqualified success. I just totaled up the sales and of the fifty or so prints I made up, I sold 38 prints, including the orders for the things I sold out of. [If you haven't made it to see the show, there is still a lot left to be had and I am still taking orders]. All in all, I made about $700, which is phenomenal!

The parking lot filled up and, for a while there, people were filling the isles looking at prints and waiting for a seat. I got to see a lot of old friends and a handful fans who came to meet me. So thanks to everyone who came out and extra thanks to Noble's for letting me have the show.

The show will be up the rest of February, so if you didn’t' make, there is still time.

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YSL makes the news [*UPDATE]


- By Lori McAllister

"Lee Post's Your Square Life celebrates all the underdogs, and those uncomfortable moments you'd like to pretend never happened."

This is a wonderful article on . . . well, me and the strip. My wife would argue it is a celebration of a Northern Irish woman who married a down-on-his-luck cartoonist and improved his life dramatically.

For the record however, I did win the senior class presidential bid. While the influence of the bedwetting vote is unknown, I believe it to be a strong force behind the final vote. They are a secretive bunch.

The cover for the issue features a bunch of the old favorites and for the sake of the new fans, let me run down the characters represented:
(from left to right)

  • Big, headed kid (featured in a couple strips
  • The superhero from this weeks strip
  • The yes man
  • the comic version of me
  • the biggest flea
  • The robot who loves you
  • the Genius helmet kid
  • (and in the front) the pet peeves and a pooping chick
[Update] -In the February 9-15, 2006, the Press published a correction: "In a feature article about comic artist Lee Post in the last week's Press (February 2), we incorrectly said his campaign for high school class president was unsuccessful. In fact, Post was elected Colony High's class president in 1993. We regret the error - and belatedly, extend our congratulations to him.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Truth Serum . . . read it.

I just got the "Truth Serum" graphic novel today by Jonathan Adams. The short review . . . buy it.

It is genuinely the best $18.00 I've spent in quite a while (on comics or otherwise). To begin with the book is a compendium of the four issue comic "Truth Serum" that came out on Slave Labor a while back, but printed in a larger format to showcase his detailed, meticulous line work. I loved the artwork and, moreover, the humor, then, sought out Jon Adams, befriended him and thought that was the end of it. No, when he put together this graphic novel, he included not just those classic issues, but the web comics he did for Dark Horse, pin-ups by some great artists, in-depth interviews with the characters, and other lovingly crafted details. I'm being serious when I say the book is packed with quality and value. I'm not when I say after publishing it himself, he is selling it door-to-door as a weightloss cure.

Go to his site at to see sample pages and a whole mess of extras . . . then go buy it. Your mother has money in her purse. She's just going to buy heart medication with it. She doesn't need the money like you do. Buy it.