Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jory John's "Big Stone Head"-A.P.E. Spotlight #3

I had the good fortune to meet Jory at A.P.E. and he was the MC at the Truth Serum book release. The man defys description, or rather, I would rather you be intregued, search him out , meet him, then buy his t-shirts and mini-books. He would like it better that way.

From the mouth of Jory, from his blog at

What the wind has been whispering, lately
"Clean your sheets. Cleeeeeean your sheeeeeets."

This day in "Tied to the Train Tracks" history
In 1867, some dude was tied to the train tracks

Where babies come from

Check out his hilarious comics in the archive section and buy an "Explore" t-shirt for your mother. As Jory put it, "It's about living your best life. It's a metaphor."

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