Thursday, September 29, 2005

A better class of folks

The moral is that you are stuck with, who you’re stuck with and you better like it.

I decided to forgo metaphor with this strip as I am currently orbiting the earth with several poop-throwing monkeys. In contrast to the strip, I find them to be quite intellectually astute and genuinely charming. They’ve actually given me many suggestions for my fall reading list in our time together, including “Eeep: a story of a Monkey in Industry” and “Eeep Eeep Eeep: A true story”.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Mundane Life beats Your Square Life any day

This is just a short simple cartoon about buying snow tires and growing old. I really wanted to buy a piece of ice cream cake instead of the tires, but when the opportunity to spend $400 presents itself, I jump.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Now with even more fame.

I was just was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter at my wife's insistence when we noticed the Cal Worthington ad which proudly showed my Press Cover. I was so shocked that I didn't hear what they actually said. It was either that they were an Anchorage Press Picks winner, or I am supper cool. I chose to believe the latter.

See the creator of YSL in the flesh

For those in Anchorage I’ve been asked to present at an upcoming Photoshop users group. I’ll be giving out all the tricks I use to make YSL a reality. I will also be giving free hugs and kisses, so get their early before my arms get tired and my lips get chapped. It’s worth it.

So here is the info:

WHO: The Digital Imaging Group

WHAT: "Photoshop without a camera"
By cartoonist LEE POST, a freelance illustrator, who
has produced a weekly comic strip (last four years)
"Your Square Life" and several covers for the 'Anchorage
Press', as well as designs and illustrations for concert
posters, CD covers and advertising in general.

AND: "HDR: High Dynamic Range Photos in CS2"
By TIM THOMAS, Photoshop Guru: "We'll take a look at
this new 32-bit feature in Photoshop CS2, and see what
it's all about"

PLUS: Bring your Photoshop problems and solutions -
there will be time for questions & answers.

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept 27, from 7-9pm

WHERE: Anchorage Museum of History and Art (classroom)

This event is free and open to anyone.


I'm modestly humble.

This strip is all about the virtue being smart and not lording it over people (or at least having the best intentions, then getting frustrated and thinking, “What the hell?”, lording your intelligence over everyone you come into contact with, and then desperately hoping they are too stupid to notice).

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's as easy at it sounds

I try to limit the interface between my day-to-day work and the flights of fancy illustrated in the strip.

Lately however, there have been a number of youth who have made reference to the football scholarships they “have”. When I’ve asked them about it, they say that they are planning on playing football soon and they are certain they’re getting a scholarship whenever the coach has a chance to see them, who will then recommend them to a collage for said scholarship.

While my knowledge of football is admittedly poor and, consequently, what I know about sports scholarships is even more limited, I have strong doubts that scholarships are handed out like candy to novice, uncommitted players with felony records. When I gently steer the conversation in this direction, they reply that is why they are hedging their bets by sporadically laying down hip-hop tracks in their friend’s basement. Because hey, if the football thing doesn’t work out, why not fall back on a recording contract?

Who am I to argue? This strip is a tribute to their dedication and resolve.

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