Sunday, November 30, 2008

New T-Shirts at

I'm experimenting with a new t-shirt company ("My Stuff on the Internet") who does "print on demand" t-shirts.  What won me over was that the t-shirts are not iron-on transfers, but are rather printed directly on the fabric for a long lasting, full-color image.  All the t-shirts will be available in a variety of colors and styles.

"All Man" is available as a men's t-shirt, kid's t-shirt, and a baby's onesie.  "Grace and Style" is available as a woman's t-shirt, kid's t-shirt and baby's onesie. The prices depend on the style of t-shirt, but all are around $20.00 or lower.

They also do canvas prints and posters, so look for more of my artwork posted up in the next few weeks as I pour through the archives.  I'll likely have some some past artwork available as prints and kids t-shirts from the Alaska and Texas books.  If you want to see anything in particular, let me know.

To order the shirts, go to

New Project

Here are some new sketches for a gallery show I'm working on in June based off of old family photographs I've collected in thrift shops over the years. These are the first steps, exploring the theme as I decide how I want it all to flow together. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ohio Travel Diary: Day 4

Texas Big and Small up on Etsy

Through brazen neglect, I hadn't put "Texas: Big and Small" up on the site. That error is now fixed.  It's a quality publication, so if you haven't checked it out before now, go to

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drawing at La Bodega. Their price lables can't be beat!

I was drawing labels with Pamela at La Bodega last week to help beautify (and price) things for the holidays. Get down to the shop, next to the Natural Pantry and Habitat on Old Seward to check out my handiwork and the work of the rest of the artists on the beverage labels just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was plenty of crayon used for the beauty of it. 

Ohio Travel Diary: Day 4

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today's project, nature.

Here's a new print based on a few pictures of eagles my wife took in Haines this past week.  I had the eagle on that middle branch in there initally, but it just didn't work, so it was left on the cutting room floor.