Sunday, May 27, 2012

U.K. Travel Diary pt. 2

Here's part two of my Uk food sketchbook. These are some of the most standard, workaday food I had on the trip. The walnut and triekle pie (kind of like molasses) was a really rich pecan pie type dessert.

Champ is the national dish if Northern Ireland, mashed potatoes, cream and leek.

The cinnamon scone is famous worldwide and found in this little coffee shop, the Baytree, down an alley in my wife's hometown, Holywood, N. Ireland. It's a buttery, flaky scone, more like a Southern biscuit, covered in caramelized sugar and cinnamon.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

U.K. Food Travel Diary

While on my recent extended trip to Northern Ireland, North England and Scotland rather than do a standard sketch diary, I just catologued all the food. There was a lot of food.