Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best of YSL #61 and 62

Reader Submission #2

Zach, with the fine site, made a great suggestion for strip #274, a cautionary tail about not picking your nose in public, which is alway good advice. For his effort, he earned this fine sketch.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Best of YSL #60

It’s YSL’s first reader submission.

Hey! It’s YSL’s first reader submission. Super cool reader Colin asks, “how about drawing some of the things that actually have or might be funny if uncovered out of the snow during break-up? You know, that Halloween costume you "lost," love notes to some righteous babe that you somehow have no pictures of, or a frozen bum. Funny stuff like that.” Funny stuff indeed! For a view of the strip go to

Well Colin’s wildest dreams have come true. He is now immortalized and got a free sketch on top of everything. Unfortunately, it’s all pretty much down hill from here. For that I’m sorry.

If you’re up for it, just write in your idea for YSL and if I use it, you get a handsome, original sketch. Just be prepared for the depression and world-weariness that will undoubtedly follow as the fame and adulation ebbs away.

Here's a copy of his free sketch: