Sunday, May 25, 2008

The coloring is coming along

A work in progress. The foreground's done, now the background . . .

July 4th: First Friday at Babes in the Woods Gallery

I'm still hard at work for the new show in July at the Babes in the Woods Gallery. So tell your family and friends to screw off with all their BBQ'ing on the 4th and join me for some snacks at the old Post Office Mall. They don't love you like, love you.

Here's another one of the new words from my trip to Japan. This one in particular is from Kyoto on our day long trek through every temple in Kyoto.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Japan Travel Diary: Day 2 and 3

After a long delay, here are some more pages from my Japan Travel Diary. To prevent my inevatible delays in posting, I"m just going to post the images, rather than the long, expansive stories behind them, because I've got fifty pages of them and I could go on for pages. So . . . if you want the back story on anything, comment, and I'll post it up.

Also, I just got back from Cleveland and did another Travel Diary for that trip, so those pages will follow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The second reson I'm the best cousin in the world . . .

Reason #2: Taught my cousin Natalie to ride her bike using entirely made up technique, I will call the "Soviet method" in which I made her wobble back and forth on her bike on the grass, almost knocking her off(after one inital try on the concrete), until she could balance herself, then I shoved her as fast I could down the driveway. In short, the technique is comprised of two parts: 1) violent shaking, then 2) shoving a child into traffic. Its sink or swim folks. I only had an hour.

The reason I'm the best cousin in the world

The wife and I just got back from Cleveland, visiting my relatives. My cousin Vinnie had a school report on New Mexico and requested an Alien Costume. Alex had the idea to make a paper mache mask. I had the idea to make it especially creepy. I intended to have it have a little smile, but after seeing the finished product, that would have pushed the whole mask into nightmare inducing teritory. By the way, paper mache stinks when it is dry, but then again, neither of us had to wear it.

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