Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lil' Murkowski

I rarely do political cartoons, but this situation was so ridiculous, it begged for a cartoon.

For those not in Alaska, Our Governor Frank Murkowski has days left in office and his term in office has been less than successful, due in large part to his bullying and antagonistic attitude towards the general public and his peers and rampant ethical problems and cronyism (so a lot like the problems at the Federal level).

Last week I received a pretty thick booklet in the mail that I initially though was a late election brochure. When I leafed through, I was impressed at the ridiculousness of what I had in my hand. (If you didn’t receive a copy, apparently they were only sent to “super-voters”.) The governor who had less than two weeks left in office decided to print up a 48 page booklet and mail at state expense, containing several pictures of himself and a laundry list of reasons why he was really a much, much better governor than anyone realized. He apparently had been keeping it all to himself. For example, on his official state web page, one of his listed news items is ‘Governor Supports Letting Alaskan’s Vote”. Yeah! I like him better already. He’s not going to take away my right to vote. Yeah Frank! You can’t make this stuff up.

To read more about his accomplishments go to

For the news story “Murkowski angles for the last word: $40,000: He calls administration one of state's best; critic says it's the worst”:

So here's the strip:

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