Friday, November 17, 2006

Found Magazine

I got this in the last Found magazine emailer. The last sentience seemed to describe YSL as I can only imagine you see it every week.

"In many cities, the local liquor code forbids alcohol to be served at strip clubs. This letter to the mayor of Carbondale, Illinois was FOUND a few weeks ago by Jason C.

To Mayor Cole,
I would like to apply for a alcohol - nude dancing adult entertainment license. This business would offer the people of Carbondale an erotic and sensual experience that I feel is lacking in the community. I would like to own and manage a business in Carbondale, Illinois that sells alcohol beverages and has nude exotic dancers. I am preparing to present a safe and honest environment for the patrons. I know in my heart that when you see these beautiful and lovely ladies dancing, their bare and shapely bodies swaying to the beat of the music on the dark stage with the lights flashing, it will look like movements in the stars, and should take everyone to a magical place where they will find a special joy for their souls.
Rock on,
Bill W---------"

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