Friday, February 29, 2008

"Lee Post's Square Life" in Mat-Su's Frontiersman

"Lee Post's Square Life" by J.J. Harrier appears in today's edition of the Frontiersman's new art and cultural section, Bullseye, giving some more information about my semi-charmed life and the signing and inaugural comic class at Palmer's Fireside Books.

Lee Post never considered himself to be a comic book “square” growing up, but was left to revisit that thought last year as he was rummaging through old boxes his parents had saved of his comic collections.

“I like to think that my childhood was more than just sitting around reading comics,” Post laughed. “I had figured I was a light fan. Then I saw the old book covers from my high school texts, which were just covered from copied pages from comic books. I used to really study the artwork and characters a lot.”

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