Monday, February 25, 2008

Japan: Exposed!: the sketch diary

My wife and I are back from our whirlwind, 18 day trip to Japan. Horrah for us! The trip was beyond amazing, with unbelievable sights and events around every corner. To prove I'm not an inveterate liar, I filled a 50 page sketch book with the sights and people I saw, at least those I could easily draw in about 5 mintues each evening in black and white. I had a camera for everything else.

I'll try to post a few new pages every week, along with some choice pictures as needed, so keep checking back. This young man was the first Japanese person my wife and I saw when we hit the ground in Narita Airport, outside of Tokyo. He had kind of fussy bangs, and center and bilateral parts, along with a bouffant puff in the back. It obviously took hours to craft. He seemed very nice in his bright blue sweater vest, despite my complete lack of understanding of anything he said. He has a copy of my finger prints.

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