Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Book Release Party!

Well, the book release party was an amazing success, beyond all expectations. Honestly, I thought it may have devolved to me sitting alone in the middle of deserted cafe, with a lot of shrugs towards my wife and the annoyed barrista.

Despite my lowly set sights, the party became amazing, then got steadily better. If you weren't there, it has now entered the pantheon of really great, historic shows you missed out including: Woodstock, one of those Nirvana sets, and that all-girl band you heard about that played topless somewhere in town, but never did it when you showed up. In short, it will always be one of your life's great regrets. Sorry about that.

The evening started out with Jared Woods playing a song especially written for the occasion three hours earlier. Next up was a surprise appearance by Magic Eddie (more about him in the next post). Lastly, Michael Hotlz belted out a strong set, ending with "Rainbow Connection", a cover of a song originally penned by Kermit the Frog before he sold out in the 80s.

Best of All, I was steadily signing books and meeting fans for the entire length of the shows. So thanks to all my old friends who came out for what has to have become the most awesome night of their lives and thanks to all the fans I met for the first time who turned out in the single digit temperatures.

After this delightful early evening romp, I ended it with a filling meal at Humpies and a home-invasion surprise birthday party, but that's a story for another time.

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