Saturday, June 17, 2006


I just found out that I won the Mountain View Arts and Cultural District Logo contest. I addition to being $100 richer and getting a free dinner at Nobles, my logo will be used to promote "MACD". I really couldn't be prouder. 1) because my genius was recognized and 2) I've been on the periphery off the project for years now and I'm happy to have a part. If I can't help out monetarily or with my time, I'm glad I could at least help out with this.

They will use the upright, more cosmopolitan design for the actual logo.

(Click for Larger Version)

And they will likely use the Duct Tape design for T-shirts (Which will make kick ass t-shirts by the way). Buy one.
(Click for Larger Version)

*Also, the issue of "True North" with my cover is all over Anchorage and its free.

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