Tuesday, February 07, 2006

UAA Northern Light (everyone's getting into the act)

Here is another review of the show, this time from the university of Alaska's Northern Light.

First Friday Show Offers Eclectic Mix of Artwork

Here are some pearls of wisdom from the article . . . .
  • "Post's recommendations for nascent art stars is 'Just get started and do it. Make a commitment to deadlines, and keep your deadlines.'"
  • It goes on to say, " His success exemplifies a second maxim: the importance of hard work."
  • and lastly, Post and the Gees [from Side Street Espresso] shared a commitment to a third rule: Don't do it for the money or fame. Do it for love."
Its actually a good article that talks about what it takes to be a successful artist in the local gallery/coffee shop scene, namely put on a good show and don't just do a big money grab with a crappy show. It would seem obvious, but . . .

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