Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Truth Serum . . . read it.

I just got the "Truth Serum" graphic novel today by Jonathan Adams. The short review . . . buy it.

It is genuinely the best $18.00 I've spent in quite a while (on comics or otherwise). To begin with the book is a compendium of the four issue comic "Truth Serum" that came out on Slave Labor a while back, but printed in a larger format to showcase his detailed, meticulous line work. I loved the artwork and, moreover, the humor, then, sought out Jon Adams, befriended him and thought that was the end of it. No, when he put together this graphic novel, he included not just those classic issues, but the web comics he did for Dark Horse, pin-ups by some great artists, in-depth interviews with the characters, and other lovingly crafted details. I'm being serious when I say the book is packed with quality and value. I'm not when I say after publishing it himself, he is selling it door-to-door as a weightloss cure.

Go to his site at to see sample pages and a whole mess of extras . . . then go buy it. Your mother has money in her purse. She's just going to buy heart medication with it. She doesn't need the money like you do. Buy it.

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