Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's as easy at it sounds

I try to limit the interface between my day-to-day work and the flights of fancy illustrated in the strip.

Lately however, there have been a number of youth who have made reference to the football scholarships they “have”. When I’ve asked them about it, they say that they are planning on playing football soon and they are certain they’re getting a scholarship whenever the coach has a chance to see them, who will then recommend them to a collage for said scholarship.

While my knowledge of football is admittedly poor and, consequently, what I know about sports scholarships is even more limited, I have strong doubts that scholarships are handed out like candy to novice, uncommitted players with felony records. When I gently steer the conversation in this direction, they reply that is why they are hedging their bets by sporadically laying down hip-hop tracks in their friend’s basement. Because hey, if the football thing doesn’t work out, why not fall back on a recording contract?

Who am I to argue? This strip is a tribute to their dedication and resolve.

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