Thursday, July 21, 2005

YSL now in two Anchroage Papers - I'm the robot that loves you.

Good News! You can now find Your Square Life in the University of Anchorage's Northern Light, the campus student newspaper. They will be publishing "Best of" strips in their paper, ~30 strips total throught the summer and the upcoming school year.

Strip #1 in the best of . . . is "I'm the robot that loves you." It was strip #41, published during the first year. I'm going to try and submitt them in chronological order and, looking back, this was the first one I felt ok with republishing. Oh, they are all stellar, but . . . it is a best of.

This was inspired by Wilco's "I'm the man who loves you", which is definately a good album.

I hope you enjoy. Don't hesitate to chime in if there is a strip you want included in the "Best of . . ."

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