Sunday, July 10, 2005

"Lee, this is your new intern, Bubbles"

I’m captivated by interns. I think it is just me. I pretty sure it’s because the whole concept is completely foreign to me. On the worker’s side of things, you have someone so captivated by a particular career they are willing to do it not only for free, for long periods of time, and willing to put in extra overtime if necessary. On the employer’s side, you have inexhaustible supply of eager, disposable employees. I can see why people do it. I know why employers want them, but . . . I just can’t wrap my mind around it. When I hear intern, all I hear is “personal slave” and its non-stop hilarious to me, kind of like helper monkeys. “Eeep, Eeep, Hello I’m your intern.”

[this strip is worth noting, as it contains a rare cameo of me (see great artist in third panel)]

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