Sunday, June 19, 2005

I want to be inept.

Here is a fun little strip about a problem that is becoming ever too prevalent, buffoonery.

Sadly, one of the primary symptoms of this unfortunate malady is a pervasive ignorance to one’s condition. It is of course terminal, with the onset being early in the junior high school years and lasting possibly as long as 70+ years. It primarily affects neurological functions, leading to a general dulling of cognition. Death generally occurs soon after generally antagonizing ones acquaintances and coworkers over a period of years until they are required to perform non-elective surgery to abate the symptoms, which usually takes the form of a savage beating.

It is a truly unfortunate condition. Please do what you can and isolate those affected to non-essential duties, such as pencil sharpening, pointing, or managerial functions.

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