Saturday, April 23, 2005

A new jet . . . for me! Yeah!

This is a rare topical/political comic strip. I’m venturing out into political waters because there is rarely a political event this patently ridiculous. “Murkowski’s jet shall save us all,” is the new catch phrase around my house.

For the benefit of those out-of-state or international readers, let me explain the joke. The short story is that our Governor Frank Murkowski has said he plans to trade two turbo-prop planes, which are used by the State for various things like doing emergency transport of the infirmed to hospitals and bringing the state police to remote villages, for an executive jet. I guess that bears pointing out for those not in the know that the majority of Alaska is extremely rural, with the only transport in and out being boat, ATV, or airplane, with many of the airstrips being bare gravel. The jet would be unusable on the airstrips for a variety of fairly obvious reasons. It would be very much like taking a limo off-roading in the mountains. It has not been a popular decision.

Despite being turned down twice and having his plan universally panned by the public, he has declared, the jet shall be his. The governor magnanimously has said he would share the use of his new jet for uses like prisoner transport and such.

This strip serves the purpose of beating a dead, but very funny, horse.

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