Friday, July 08, 2011

Caricatures, taking orders now.

A number of big projects have wound down recently, which has been great and lets me enjoy at least a few days of summer.  I have been doing a lot of caricatures recently, which has been absolutely great.  If you're interested, let me know.  (The above flyer is from the 2011 ACE charity auction.)

 I just finished picture below for Kim and Andy, who one it at the auction.  Actually, my friends purchased it, then gifted it to Kim and Andy as a wedding present.   They're going to use it as their post wedding thank you note.  The image is based on a small little fire that happened in their backyard near their recently legalized urban chicken coop.  I just got word from my wife that its made it to her already as an inter-office email, so I can only assume its been well received. 

These faces are for tiny tiny bodies in a paper diorama my friend Jon is making for his mates Steve and Valette's wedding.  

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