Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recent Commissions
I"ve been fortunate to have a bunch of commissioned work over the past few months.  First off, I was able to do a special print for someone's mother for Christmas, featuring her two dogs and two of her departed pets using the style from my most recent show, including the gilded, gold frame.  It was great fun incorporating all the little details to make the piece truly personal, like the inset portrait of Sleeping Lady and the slightly blood-thirsty look on the black Pomeranian.  

I was licenced my Muskox picture from the Alaska Big and Small book to a local software developer for his company Muskox Software

Finally, I've been working the last several months on a four page, first chapter for Sarah Hurst's colaborative graphic novel based on her original play, "A Native Boy" about the life of Benny Benson and the formation of the State of Alaska.

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