Saturday, September 27, 2008

Me and Palin are like that!

Cheryl Kirk wrote me . . "You're being paired with Sarah Palin or something close to it...." and forwarded me the following email from Amazon.  Apparently, my early years, growing up in Wasilla, have bonded me and Palin in ways we are only now starting to discover. 


Dear Customer,
We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated The Very Best of Your Square Life by Lee Post have also purchased If You Put Lipstick On A Pig---You Will Have A Beautiful Pig by Penelope Dyan. For this reason, you might like to know that If You Put Lipstick On A Pig---You Will Have A Beautiful Pig is now available.  You can order yours for just $11.95 by following the link below.

If You Put Lipstick On A Pig---You Will Have A Beautiful Pig
Penelope Dyan

Price: $11.95

Product Description
Get involved in politics with your child in an absolutely fun way! Based on a political comment by one running for office (that your child has more than likely heard) Dyan sets out to both teach your child and amuse. The other words used in this book are some of the very same words taught in the Penny Mouse Early Reader Series, taken from and based upon the first primary reading list, and this book is not only fun, it is relevant and also purposeful . So smile and laugh and have some fun with this book, and please talk to your child and interact with your child, because this is all a part of the intended purpose of this book! A former K-12 teacher, published in 'The Kindergartner,' as well as in 'Instructor Magazine' and in 'Humpty Dumpty' children's magazine, and an award winning author, Penelope Dyan has once again put her expertise, love and knowledge of children to work; and this book is one story of one election you and your child do not want to miss!

  In honor of the comparison, here's an old YSL strip addressing why Palin and I don't look more alike.  

(click to enlarge)

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