Sunday, June 01, 2008

Power Animal Party

In Alaska, there is a mystical totem that can only be found on the cheap t-shirt table of the majority of tourist traps, the Animal Power T-Shirt. When joined, the force unleashed is tremendous.

Power Animals Gooooooo!

Power of the Huskey! Power of the Wolf! Power of the Eagle! Power of the Bear!

You may ask, "what animal would I be?" The answer moose, because that was the only t-shirt left at the store.

Like Fat Albert and the gang, after our series of misadventures, we formed for a ramshakle band and repeated the same dance moves over and over again.

(Yes, that is a wolf face pined to Mindy's leg. Don't worry, the wolf who owned the face skin is still alive . . . somewhere. Such is the power of the t-shirt, you can totally steal a face off a live wolf while wearing one. Try it. You may be surprised.)


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