Monday, March 24, 2008

The Games Begin!

Being the first annual "Deathmatch" and that we were generally making it up as we went along . . . and that there wasn't much rolling to be had on the snow, the rules grew naturally from the ferce spirit of competition that boiled up as the eggs were tossed about.

We began with the rolling. Alex threw the cerimonial first egg as I lit the fire, signaling the beginning of the Death Match proper.

No eggs were damaged, so we stepped it up a bit.

We began throwing for distance, but the soft snow cuddled our eggs, leaving them unscathed. Alex, ever the inovator, began the "William Tell" portion of the event, in which the eggs were thrown at the cerimonial egg which was cradled in an outstretched hand. Note: Eggs thrown with force at a wrist bone from twenty paces feel like a rock being thrown at my arm from twenty paces . . . indistinguishable really.

The eggs were still unmolested, so we just threw them as hard as we could at a flower pot, with extra points for making the eggs into the flower pot. Two competators eggs remained undamaged and the true Death Match began.

The final two faced off, carefully walked out 10 paces, then turned and threw their Easter egg at their competitor. And thus, the Egg Throwing Death Match concluded for the year.

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