Sunday, November 25, 2007

Books for Sale: with Free Sketch!

Well two of the books are in, "The best of Your Square Life" and "Lies Alaskans Tell Tourists" and I was selling them like hotcakes yesterday and today, with butter and syrup (cue rimshot!).

The good news for you is that I've added both volumes to for purchase. They should be at the local stores and on Amazon in the next month, but with Etsy, you're ordering directly from me, so I can include a personalized dedication and sketch, in addition to my handsome signature. So if you miss one of my upcoming signings or live out of state or country, get the hookup at

You'll also be happy to know, I ruined a young boys dream, when I was absent at my post looking around the book show, leaving him waiting to get his book signed, then when I did make my appearance, I showed up with my fly open. I'm sure "traumatized" would be the polite term. I did have a tie on, which I think offsets the open fly. I have to look that up or just tell people that often enough it becomes true.

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