Sunday, June 03, 2007

YSL News!

If you’re in Fairbanks, go and check out the Cartoon North Sequential Art in Alaska show at the Annex. It will be running all month and features a number of my prints as well as artwork from all over Ak and the lower 48 and is currated by Jaime Smith, the artist behind Freeze-Frame, a staple of Fairbanks. Looks like a phenomenal show.

On a related note, my comics will now be appearing monthly in the Ester Republic, which I am now pronouncing as the finest newspaper in the greater Fairbanks/Ester area.

Lastly, I’m hard at work on illustrations for an Alaskan Themed suduko book for Cheryl Kirk. The theme is “lies told to tourists.” I just started on it, but it will be a quick turnaround so, it should be out sometime in July. The illustrations are shaping up beautifully and should be a fine addition to your comics and/or sudoku themed library.

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