Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Shorts 2007

I've got another big drawing project coming up. The Anchorage Press's Super Shorts micro-fiction contest. I've drawn the cover (click for larger version) and once the winners are chosen, I'll be doing ~12 illustrations for the winners and runners up. Point being, should you be quick witted and less than long winded, you're story may be illustrated by a self-professed great artist. I can't even imagine how thrilled you must be. Possibly mildly thrilled, kind of. If you're a winner or think you're a winner (I'm sure your mom agrees), put you're requests in now.

The cover is meant to look like the desk of a hopeful entrant. It also looks like everyone of my notebook pages from high school and college and any training I currently attend for work. Its my one vice beyond the obvious heavy drug use and a near constant murderous rage.

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