Tuesday, December 06, 2005



1) The strip is moving from my blog to www.pixelstrips.com.
I thought I would try to get a little more professional with the strip, as far as the web is concerned. The site should bring more visibility to the strip and, because the archives and extras areas are subscriber based, it should generate a little bit of income. The new strips will be posted weekly on Wednesday. They will be visible for the week, and then sent to the archives.

2) I am getting (or, rather, being given) an archival quality, large format printer soon, so I will be able to make high quality reprints of any of the past or future strips at sizes up to 13”x 17”. The ink is light-fast for 200 years, along with being waterproof and smudge proof. A handful of the strips are already in full color and would look wonderful on any wall in your home or the homes of your family and friends. Contact me for details. The reason I am getting the printer is:

3) I have an art show at Noble’s Dinner in Anchorage in February, 2006 where I will have prints of some of the strips for sale, along with a bunch of original artwork. I will send details soon.

*****The blog will still be up and will have random bits of artwork posted periodically, but please check Pixelstrips weekly for the latest Your Square Life and my comments

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